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Reach 1.6 billion active users with a WhatsApp bot to automatically generate more leads, more bookings, and more sales. Also, use this wildly popular channel to provide instant and automated customer service.

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Active WhatsApp users.
Use WhatsApp every day.
Average time spent per person each week.
Instant message open rate.
Most downloaded messaging app in the world.
Business already use WhatsApp.

What Results Can I Expect By Creating A WhatsApp Bot With ConvertoBot?

increase your leads, bookings, and sales

Automatically Generate More Leads, Bookings & Sales

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the perfect channel to grow your business rapidly.

98% open rates on WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Message Can Get You A 98% Open Rate

Easily out-perform other channels such as email and Facebook Messenger.

automate customer service

Automate Customer Service

Significantly reduce your support requests by instantly helping your customers on the most popular app.

skyrocket Facebook Ads ROI

Skyrocket Your Facebook Advertising ROI

Leverage a powerful Facebook feature: direct users from your ads straight into a WhatsApp chatbot.

increase website sales

Massively Increase Your Website Leads & Sales

Add our ConvertoBot website widget for WhatsApp by copying and pasting one line of code.

get phone numbers on WhatsApp

Easily Get Phone Numbers Without Using Forms

Say goodbye to tedious forms requesting phone numbers. Get the contact number in just one click!

grow WhatsApp subscribers and send targeted campaigns

Create A WhatsApp Subscriber List & Send Targeted Campaigns

Say goodbye to boring forms requesting phone numbers. Get the contact number in just one click!

use bots for quizzes and surveys

Get Higher User Engagement With Quizzes & Surveys

Generate leads faster or increase customer engagement with quizzes and surveys.

Why Use A ConvertoBot WhatsApp Bot?

With our WhatsApp chatbot platform, you can be up and running with your first bot in a matter of clicks.

Drag-And-Drop Bot Builder

Our simple, intuitive builder makes it easy for you to create a WhatsApp chat bot in minutes. No coding or special skills are needed.

bot builder
Use one of our chatbot website examples

100+ Chatbot Examples

Use one of our free chatbot examples to get started even faster. If you can’t find examples for your use case or industry, our chatbot developers will build the best bots for you, for free!

Simulate “Real” Conversations

Use artificial intelligence to simulate real conversations with ConvertoBot’s NLP (natural language processing) and conditional logic.

AI chatbot
WhatsApp Bot integration


Our service makes it easy to send and receive data from your favorite CRM automatically. Or set up instant notifications.

Rich Media

Videos. Images. Emojis. Add these in a few clicks to your conversations, to make them more engaging and entertaining.

Multiple language chatbot platform

Use In Any Language

You can easily change the settings of any bot to the language of your choice.

Create A WhatsApp Subscriber List & Send Targeted Campaigns

Use WhatsApp Business to rapidly built a list of subscribers and send out targeted campaigns using ConvertoBot. With an instant open rate of 98%, this feature has enormous potential to grow your business.

grow a WhatsApp subscriber list and send targeted campaigns

How Does It Work?

Request WhatsApp API Access

We’ll help you with every step of the approval process. Book a demo today to learn more.

Create A Bot In Minutes

Use a WhatsApp chat bot example or build a bot from scratch (no coding or special skills needed).

Drive Traffic To Your Bot

Send prospects or customers to your bot. Sign up for a free account to get free training on strategies.

Get Massive ROI Starting Today

Instant 98% open rates on WhatsApp can translate into incredible results for your business.


Here are the most common questions on how to integrate chatbot with WhatsApp, easily create WhatsApp chatbot, and much more.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us here. We reply to any incoming message within one business day.

It’s a chatbot service powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence that runs on the WhatsApp platform. Users have conversations with a bot through the chat interface, like how they would talk to a real person.

Yes! Once you sign up for a free ConvertoBot account, we’ll help you through how to apply for WhatsApp Business API access. We’ll also help you through the entire journey of going live with your first, official WhatsApp chatbot.

Yes, you can build a WhatsApp chatbot before you get access to WhatsApp Business API. You need to set up a free ConvertoBot account and use our WhatsApp sandbox feature. We’ll help guide you through the process.

Thanks to our Dialogflow integration, you can use artificial intelligence to build chatbots with ConvertoBot. Our AI chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to simulate real conversations.

At this point, it’s not possible to use buttons or quick replies on WhatsApp. However, it’s likely that this will be possible in the future. You can use text, file, and location input. We provide extensive free training on how to create an exceptional chatbot with these inputs.

At this moment, you can’t use a bot for WhatsApp group chats. However, it’s likely that this feature will be available soon.

With a WhatsApp Business number, you can manually respond to customers and chat with them on WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business API, you can automatically reply and send messages to customers by creating a WhatsApp chatbot. Receiving instant messages in real time can significantly improve your customers experience.

It usually takes up to two weeks to be approved for WhatsApp Business API access.

It can take anywhere between an hour and a few days. It depends on how complex your bot conversation flow is. We can help guide you through the process and provide examples to make it quicker.

You don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge to deploy chatbot on WhatsApp. Our interface is simple, intuitive, and beginner-friendly. You don’t need to know a single line of code.

While most businesses are approved, WhatsApp does restrict specific industries from using their platform. To find out if your business is eligible for WhatsApp Business API access, check out WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy.

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