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How To Make A Chatbot With A High ROI: Ultimate “How To” Guide

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Want to know how to make a chatbot? Or how to setup a chatbot on Facebook? Or maybe you’re searching for “how to add a chatbot to my website“? Or perhaps you’re wondering “how much does it cost to develop a chatbot?” Or maybe you want to learn how to start a chatbot agency? Or

what's the best chatbot?

What’s The Best Chatbot For Your Business? πŸ€–

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Want to know what’s the best chatbot (or the best chatbot platform) for your business? Read on to discover the most popular chatbots for websites and social media. Here’s what we’ll cover: πŸ‘‰ Start with the basics: what are the best use cases for bots? πŸ‘‰ Need more leads? What’s the best bot for lead

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ConvertoBot Review – Is This The Best Chatbot?

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By Guest Poster: Ian Worthington. Is ConvertoBot the best chatbot? Here’s what I’ll cover in this ConvertoBot review: πŸ‘‰ First off…what is a chatbot? πŸ‘‰ How easy or difficult is it to setup ConvertoBot? πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: training and support πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: how does it perform as a website chat bots? πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review:

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πŸ€– ConvertoBot Chatbot Pricing: Starter Vs Professional Vs Agency

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A common chatbot pricing question we get asked in respect of both website bots and social media bots is: What’s the difference between the three payment plans for ConvertoBot? So in this article, we’re going to take a deeper look into the three bot service pricing options. We’ll explore our pricing model in some detail.

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The Most Common Chatbot Problems

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Bots can play an important role in any online business. However, as bot technologies advance, so do chatbot problems. To fully appreciate the issues, the first thing to consider is what problem does your chatbot solve? Are you using or planning to use bots to: βœ… generate and qualify leads? βœ… automate bookings and registrations?

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“How Much A Chatbot Cost?” – A Beginner’s Guide

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So you want to create a chatbot website, an AI bot, or social media bots and you’re wondering “How much a chatbot cost?” You’re not alone. Are you a small business or even a large business enterprise? An increasing number of businesses, of all sizes, build a bot to: βœ… generate and qualify leads βœ…