Chatbot Agency Services Examples
(Easy To Customize & Edit In Minutes)

Are you interested in growing a chatbot agency? Whether you're starting from scratch or you have an existing digital marketing agency, you're in the right place.

Use these chatbot agency services examples on your website or social media channels to help you get clients. By using a bot to promote your business, you're showcasing your bot service.

You can easily customize any bot example in minutes, without needing any coding skills. We have over 100 easy-to-edit templates in our main categories to the left. They will help you provide a wide range of bot services to almost any business.

Can’t find a bot that you need? We’ll build it for you! Contact us to find out more about our bot-building service. We work with a number of advertising agencies and digital market agencies.

Are you interested in offering bot services to clients as an agency? Here's an actual done-for-you bot you can add to your agency site to show off your bot technology.

Get More Social/SEO Agency Clients

Preview On Website Preview On Facebook™

We have several bot examples for agencies. This chatbot agency example helps to generate more leads and sell your services using conversational AI. Connect it to your marketing automation or CRM through one of our native integrations or Zapier.

Graphic Design Agency Chatbot

Preview On Website Preview On Facebook™

Use this interactive bot to automatically get more leads and clients for your Design Agency. It can qualify your leads through automated and intelligent conversation, ensuring it filters the best possible clients to you.

HR Chatbot

Preview On Website

Our HR chatbot will help your team by automatically dealing with questions from your employees. Free up valuable resource by using our conversational AI to handle routine inquiries. Also automatically schedule meetings with your HR team.

Increase your leads, inquiries and answer common questions with this interactive conversational AI bot. Add it to your website in a few minutes or use it on your social channels, for example, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. It’s an innovative way to prospect new customers.

PPC Marketing Services Bot

Preview On Website Preview On Facebook™

This is a popular bot with Ad Agencies that run PPC or paid traffic on networks such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. It can help showcase a bot to your prospects. Get ahead of your competition by using our white label multi-channel bot service. Your clients will be thrilled that it works on websites and also messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Our recruitment chatbot instantly engages and interacts with your website or social media visitors to generate more lead conversions. It qualifies leads with important screening questions. Use it to automatically schedule meetings and reengage with prospects.

Web Design Agency Chatbot

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Boost engagement, interaction, and generate more leads with our web design agency bot. You can also use it to handle common inquiries and automatically schedule appointments with clients or prospects. It enhances user experience through engaging conversation.

Agency Training

We have over 30 free training videos on how to set up and grow your own chatbot agency. Or provide chatbot services as part of your existing agency.

Bots are rapidly growing in popularity. Gartner forecasts that soon 85% of customer interactions will be with bots. However, it’s still quite rare to find that an agency offers bots as part of their full service. This offers a huge market opportunity.

To watch our training videos, sign up for a free account.

Frequently Asked Questions - Chatbot Agency

interactive bot

1A bot is a software that automatically interacts and has conversations with your audience.

You can use ConvertoBot on your website, as a Facebook Messenger chatbot, or as a WhatsApp bot. It will engage with your visitors through automated conversation.
how can a bot help my business

  • generate more leads on your website or through social media
  • replace or work alongside your static website forms to capture more leads
  • use a bot landing page (as an alternative to a squeeze page or lead capture page) to increase lead capture
  • exit intent popups on your website to generate more leads or sales
  • generate more bookings or appointments
  • automate the appointment booking process through conversation
  • increase sales
  • drive more webinar or meeting registrations
  • improve user experience on your website
  • increase engagement with your content
  • carry out surveys and gather feedback
  • provide customer support or customer service
  • replace or work alongside your live chat operators
  • increase engagement rate with your Facebook Business page with a chatbot messenger template
  • and much more with chatbot marketing!
Set up a free account with ConvertoBot (the internet’s leading chatbot platform) today and watch our training to learn more.
Yes. We have a sophisticated booking feature that integrates with a wide range of third party booking solutions.

It also integrates with popular calendars so that both you and your customers can save bookings to your preferred calendar.

Create a free account today to watch our video training on our booking feature.

You’ll discover how simple it is to use and dramatically increase the number of bookings your business generates.

They are pre built bots that our experts have already built. Sometime building bots from scratch can be time-consuming, so these examples can get you started fast.

We build them for popular industries and use cases. We also work on bots requested by our community.

They're easy to use and customize according to your business needs.

You don't need any special technical skills to start using one of our bots in a matter of minutes.

Start with a free account and discover exactly how easy it is.
edit a chatbot example

Yes, you can edit any of our examples or templates. It's a simple process and doesn't need any special skills.

You can change the content to refer to your business brand.

You can also use them in a different language. It's possible to automatically translate or manually translate any example.

We have training videos showing you step-by-step, how to edit any template in a matter of minutes.

This includes website, WhatsApp or Messenger bot templates.

Open a free account in under 30 seconds and start watching our training to learn more.

No, you don't need any special skills. You can install any of our bots on your website, or connect them to your Facebook page, or WhatsApp, in a few clicks.

You can also easily customize them or edit them without needing any coding skills.

If you can write and send an email, you already have the skills to use our examples.

We have easy-to-follow training videos showing you exactly what to do. Step-by-step.

Get started with a free account to use any of our 100+ examples today.

integrate your bot

We have several powerful options for integrating your software tools and apps with ConvertoBot:

  • native integrations with marketing automation tools, ESPs and webinar services (connect to any of them in a few clicks)
  • Zapier integration allowing you to connect to 1,400+ apps
  • API integration for more advanced users who want to realize the full potential of our bots

If you have custom integration needs, contact us so we can help set it up.
It's a straightforward process. You don't need any coding skills. Our drag-and-drop technology allows even a complete beginner to change our bot examples in minutes.

You can change the written content or change the chatbot design, or flow of a bot to suit your business needs.

If you want to use AI bots, they can take longer to set up. That’s because they use AI to process the language of the user and provide the best response.
No. A chatbot template download is not needed. Our software is cloud-based, so to use a template on your website, you simply add one line of code. We have a simple video showing you exactly how to do that.

For WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the process is even easier. You just need to connect your ConvertoBot account to the relevant Facebook Business page or WhatsApp business account.

Yes, you can get started with any of our free templates in minutes.

All you need to do is open a free account. It takes less than 30 seconds.

You get a 14-day free trial, after which you can choose a bot service pricing plan to suit your needs.

Yes. You can use any of these examples on your website in a matter of minutes.

You can fully customize them to suit your brand, products or service.

However, you can also use them on social accounts like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. We have bots for WhatsApp and Facebook chatbots examples.

To get started with them on your website, open a free account.
bot landing page

They all work as bot landing pages. We also call these “full page bots.”

The entire landing page is a bot with no other content to distract the user.

It’s a powerful landing page strategy to drive more leads, bookings, and sales. We have extensive video training on this feature.

In some cases, we’ve seen an increase in sales of 263.29% when split-testing a traditional landing page against a bot landing page.

results with bot landing page

Try using a bot landing page template to get more chatbot agency leads by opening a free account today.
Yes, they do. Any of the examples on this page work for both websites and Facebook Messenger.

You can edit Messenger chatbot examples in the same way you’d edit website ones. You don’t need any special skills.

When you open a free account, you’ll see how seamless the process of using a chatbot Facebook example is.


Yes, you can use our examples with WhatsApp.

We will help you get approved and get started on WhatsApp. The process is a little different, and the bots work slightly differently.

Our step-by-step training will break it down for you.

Open a free account today to unlock our training.

All of our templates can be fully customized to recognize keywords and process comments or questions by the user.

An AI bot takes longer to set up. However, it provides a more natural conversational experience.

build a bot

Yes - we have a custom chatbot development service. Do you have an idea for a bot? Or do you need a chatbot messenger example? Or do you simply need inspiration and guidance?

We enjoy building chatbots for our community. Drop us a quick message here to find out more about this service.

If you can’t find an example on this page, send us a quick message here.

We’d be happy to develop a new chatbot for your business needs. Whether that’s a basic bot example or an AI based chatbot example.

Or maybe you need Facebook chat bot examples? Or WhatsApp bot examples?

change language

You can use any website, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger chatbot example in any language.

There are two options:

- automatically translate the content - or manually translate the content

You can also build your own bots from scratch in any language.
You can use as many bot templates as you need and on as many channels as you want (website, Facebook Messenger marketing, WhatsApp etc).

All of our bot service pricing plans allow unlimited bots.
WhatsApp, Facebook or Website bot

Yes, it is! For a website, you simply copy and paste one line of code.

For Facebook, you don’t even need any Facebook chatbot example code. You just connect your account to your Facebook business page. Each bot has its own unique link. WhatsApp is a similar process.

However, at this moment, a WhatsApp chatbot example operates slightly differently due to the rules around WhatsApp. So we’ve adapted all of our WhatsApp bots.

Set up a free account and watch our free training videos to learn how powerful a bot strategy on multiple channels can be.

The first step is to open a free account.

We then recommend watching our basic training to get an insight into bots and our platform.

You can add a bot template to your account in seconds, and customize it in a matter of minutes.

For example, you might want to change the name of the bot to suit your brand. Or add a link to your website.

You get unlimited sub-user accounts! You can assign them to potential customers or to a team member. This feature will help you scale your chatbot services agency.
Our pricing is highly competitive after the 14-day free trial ends.

You get access to all of our bots, as well as ongoing bots we build, with any of our plans.

You can see a full breakdown of our bot service pricing here.