5 Habits That Make Your Sales Team More Effective

5 Habits That Make Your Sales Team More Effective

Regardless of industry, many organizations are finding that their competitive landscape is looking fiercer than ever before. To gain the advantage, it is essential that sales teams are performing optimally, adopting valuable habits that can help to make them more efficient and effective, engaging with qualified leads and boosting conversions.

Here are 5 habits to make your sales team more effective:

1. Delegation

Hopefully, you’ve built your sales team up by recruiting people who are truly passionate about their jobs. Passionate employees typically have a desire to retain control over every aspect of their role, which is certainly a nice quality to have but it can also be a bit of a detrimental habit to get into in terms of the effectiveness of your sales team.

Instead, delegation is a fantastic habit to encourage within your team. By delegating some of the more predictable sales-related tasks to automated systems — chatbots as a first line response, for example — sales people can allocate more of their time to further nurturing sales qualified leads in a bid to boost conversion rates, sales, and profits

2. Modern Data-Driven Approach

Data has long played a massive role in sales, helping sales teams to gain a more thorough understanding of customer behaviors and demographics. Most sales people today would probably claim to already be in the habit of taking a data-driven approach, but how many could claim to take a MODERN data-driven approach?

The way that successful and effective teams use data is changing, and it’s changing due to the technologies we now have available that enable us to utilize customer data on a whole other level. Again using chatbots as an example, these systems can collect huge amounts of data to help teams analyze and even predict future buying trends.

3. Accountability

The difference between a sales team and an effective sales team is that an effective sales team is in the habit of being accountable for their actions. In organizations that issue targets or sales goals, an effective team not only questions WHY they haven’t met their goals but also examines WHAT needs to change in order to generate more sales.

Performance monitoring and KPI tracking can be hugely important here, helping teams to gain a more thorough understanding of weaknesses within their processes and identify room for improvement. This could be in communications, in pricing, in sales content, or across a variety of other areas. Accountability is about taking action.

4. Dedication to a ‘Middle Ground’

There has long been the question of whether the best sales people are in the habit of acting introverted or extroverted, but research suggests that neither of these habits are particularly beneficial. Instead, a study in the Psychological Science journal introduces the ‘ambivert’ as the most valuable quality, forming a middle ground between the two.

According to the study, taking an ambivert approach is more likely to achieve greater sales productivity. Why? Because ambiverts adopt the most valuable sales-related habit from introverts — listening — and the most valuable sales-related habit from extroverts — talking — to create a personality that’s assertive yet highly relatable.

5. Learning Goal Orientation

Another question similar to the above is whether it’s best to be in the habit of prioritizing goals or learning, with research seeming to suggest that getting your team into the habit of development could make them more effective. According to the Cox School of Business, this approach demonstrates a ‘positive relationship with sales performance’.

Why? Because the sales world is unpredictable, and due to the introduction of new technologies such as chatbots, it’s constantly evolving. Goal-focused habits can prevent sales teams from achieving their targets in new situations and environments, while learning-focused habits promote the idea of adapting to the unknown.

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