ConvertoBot Review – Is This The Best Chatbot?

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By Guest Poster: Ian Worthington. Is ConvertoBot the best chatbot? Here’s what I’ll cover in this ConvertoBot review:

πŸ‘‰ First off…what is a chatbot?

πŸ‘‰ How easy or difficult is it to setup ConvertoBot?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: training and support

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: how does it perform as a website chat bots?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: how does it compare as a platform for social media bots?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: are the chatbot examples actually any good?

πŸ‘‰ConvertoBot review: what are the use cases of this bot app?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: is this actually an AI chat bot?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: integrations available on the ConvertoBot bot platform

πŸ‘‰For advanced users: chatbot API and webhooks

πŸ‘‰Is it possible to hide the ConvertoBot branding?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: how does it compare to other chatbot companies?

πŸ‘‰ Is ConvertoBot value for money?

πŸ‘‰ ConvertoBot review: is this the best chatbot?

πŸ‘‰ Which is the best chatbot pricing plan: Starter vs Professional vs Business/Agency?

First off…what is a chatbot?

According to Wikipedia “A chatbot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.” (Source)

what is a chatbot? a chatbot is designed to simulate real conversation

The keywords are “software” and “conversation”. Are you using or considering using:

  • chatbot marketing

  • a customer service chatbot

  • a bot to provide information

  • other use cases

No matter what your use case, you’re using software that works through conversation.

How easy or difficult is it to setup ConvertoBot?

I’ve tried 8 different bot companies, so I consider myself a veteran!

However, back when I was a newbie, I struggled with setup on some bot platforms.

I needed bots for multiple business ventures, which included:

Yeah, I know, I’m a bit of a bot nut!

It was simple to setup ConvertoBot for all of the above use cases.

They provide:

  • a chatbot plugin for WordPress

  • a training video on where to copy and paste the bot code on websites

  • a training video on how to connect their bot software to your Facebook Page

  • a Shopify chatbot app which is easy to install

  • a knowledge base to help with installation

  • responsive support in case you have any issues

ConvertoBot chatbot software training and chatbot setup

The training helped with installing ConvertoBot on my own assets. It also helped me install it on client websites and social media pages.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can publish your first chatbot online in under 5 minutes.

So in conclusion: it’s relatively easy to setup ConvertoBot πŸ‘

ConvertoBot Review: training and support

The training consists of a series of short and concise videos. They address the basic and advanced features of bots.

It’s refreshingly engaging and simple to follow. I breezed through the videos! Even for an experienced bot user, like me, there was good value.

chatbot software training for ConvertoBot

ConvertoBot supports both website bots and social media bots. So there are separate training sections for each channel.

There’s also the handy ConvertoBot knowledge base. This includes relevant videos from the training embedded within the articles (nice touch!).

I found the support acceptable. Perhaps at times, it was a little slow. However, they offer telephone support as well as email.

I had direct contact with one of the co-founders Simon Wood through email.

As an Agency Plan subscriber, I was also invited to his training webinars. They were engaging and he taught some valuable strategies.

With the Agency Plan, I also got a free chatbot website template which was pre-built and a big time-saver.

ConvertoBot review: how does it perform as a platform for website chatbots?

I’ve reviewed many bot platforms and ConvertoBot’s right up there.

It lacks a conditional jump feature which is important to me. However, I understand that’s on the roadmap.

Here are the ConvertoBot features which have the most value:

  1. Fast loading speed.

  2. You can customize design (not fully, but to a sufficient degree).

  3. Wide variety of uses on a website:

    – widget bot

    – exit intent popup bot

    – conversational landing page (or chatbot website)

    – automatic loading of the bot when you hover over it

    – bot that can load on delay

  4. You can hide it on specific pages.

  5. Use different bots on different website pages.

  6. All plans come with a multi-website license.

  7. Clean and intuitive UI.

  8. 100+ easy-to-edit chatbot examples to choose from and easily customize.

100+ chatbot examples and chatbot examples on ConvertoBot

Overall this is one of the best bot platforms for website bots out there.

ConvertoBot review: how does it compare as a platform for social media bots?

There aren’t many “multi-channel” bot platforms right now.

i.e. platforms that allow you to use both website bots and social media bots.

Some of the top bot companies usually specialize in only one channel.

However, with ConvertoBot you can create both website chatbots and social media bots.

This has huge value if you understand the benefit of using both types of bots.

As a Facebook Messenger bot, ConvertoBot’s a robust solution but there’s scope for improvement.

The platform was initially a chatbot website builder. The Messenger bot development came later.

So at this stage, there are probably better Messenger bot platforms out there. However, they don’t give you the flexibility of using multi-channel bots (like ConvertoBot does).

What’s really useful is that the chatbot templates work for both Facebook and websites.

Similarly, the native integrations largely work with both website chatbots and Facebook Messenger bots.

all of the ConvertoBot chatbot integrations (native and Zapier)

ConvertoBot review: are the chatbot examples actually any good?

An emphatic yes! They’ve built up an impressive marketplace of the best chatbot examples.

They’re available to users of all 3 ConvertoBot chatbot pricing plans: Starter, Professional & Business/Agency

As the founder of a digital marketing agency, this is one of my favorite features of ConvertoBot. They have over 100 conversational bots examples across a wide range of industries.

It’s easy to customize any chatbot template for my clients through the bot builder.

Their templates work for both a chatbot website and Facebook Messenger bots which is highly valuable.

They often release new, free chatbot templates (usually 6 a month). And they take requests!

Click play to see how simple it is to use one of their website chatbot examples or Facebook chatbot examples:

ConvertoBot review: What are the use cases of this bot app?

ConvertoBot can be used for many purposes:

  • chatbot for lead generation

  • e-commerce chatbot

  • chatbot for appointment booking (or meetings, events, webinars, etc)

  • customer service chatbot

  • feedback bot

  • Facebook Messenger bot to reduce Facebook Ads cost

  • and more…

The company builds custom bots for their users. These range from simple bots to complex bots requiring custom coding and API integrations.

You can email them to find out more about their custom bot building service.

ConvertoBot review: Is this actually an AI chatbot?

AI chatbot

Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy and is flawed. It’s difficult for the average business owner to set up a high-performing bot app with true AI.

For that reason, I’ve not focused on AI when building my bots. I focus more on a simple chatbot conversation flow. I prefer simple user inputs and multiple-choice because they get the job done!

However, ConvertoBot does a reasonably good job of using AI and machine learning. It has in-built natural language processing (NLP). This feature allows your bot to process a question or comment, and provide an appropriate automated response.

ConvertoBot review: Integrations available on this bot platform

This is one aspect in which ConvertoBot scores highly. There’s a wide range of native integrations with popular marketing automation tools like:

They also have a Zapier app. There are over 1,000 apps you can connect ConvertoBot to on Zapier.

The integrations are straightforward to implement and most can be done in a few clicks.

For advanced users: chatbot API and webhooks

ConvertoBot chatbot API and webhooks to connect your apps and send data

As an advanced user, it’s important that any bot platform I use offers chatbot API access.

I use bespoke applications and need to pass data from them to ConvertoBot. My clients also have similar needs.

ConvertoBot allows access to their chatbot API and also supports webhooks. Their supporting documentation could perhaps be improved. Also, some more training videos on this topic would help.

However, they offered enough resources for me to take advantage of this feature.

They have a dedicated service for API integrations, so it’s worth reaching out to them if you have such needs.

Is it possible to hide the ConvertoBot branding?

hide or change ConvertoBot chatbot branding

Hiding the branding on a bot is a vital feature and is available.

To do this you need the ConvertoBot Professional plan or Business/Agency plan. See the full list of features for the different ConvertoBot chatbot pricing plans: Starter, Professional & Business/Agency.

For the chatbot website version (also known as a chatbot landing page) you can use a custom domain.

They also offer a full chatbot white label of their platform. I tested this service out and was surprised at how easy it is to set up.

I provided a logo, business URL, support email address and within a few hours their support team had set it up.

The only downsides to the white label are:

  • it doesn’t include their branded training videos for obvious reasons!
  • your sub-users can’t set up their own sub-user accounts

You can book a demo to get a walkthrough of how the white label would look. It’s a good chance to ask questions.

ConvertoBot review: how does it compare to other chatbot companies?

There aren’t many bot platforms that support both website bots and social media bots.

Most bot platforms focus on either Facebook Messenger bots or on website bots.

So ConvertoBot fares well on this point, as it works on both channels. However, the Messenger bot can be improved.

In comparison to other companies, there’s an impressive range of bot examples. I have a number of clients in the insurance industry. The chatbot insurance examples are a good resource for me.

I’ve also sold their cleaning services chatbot many times over.

There are currently over 100 of the best chatbot examples and they regularly provide new ones. They also take requests and build custom bots.

For more insight, there’s a useful article here: what’s the best chatbot for your business?

Is ConvertoBot value for money?

is ConvertoBot chatbot a value for money?

Well, there certainly is a wide range of features.

Also, the platform supports website bots, as well as social media bots.

So all things considered, ConvertoBot’s good value for money.

All three of the chatbot pricing plans (Starter, Professional & Business/Agency chatbot pricing) are competitively priced.

Here’s a breakdown of the various features available with their different bot service pricing plans.

It wouldn’t surprise me if their prices increased in the near future.

ConvertoBot review: is this the best chatbot?

It’s certainly one of the best bots I’ve come across. I’m a huge fan of ManyChat. However, a major drawback of the Manychat bot platform is that it doesn’t support website bots.

I’ve also reviewed chatbot website platforms like TARS and Collect Chat. Neither of these platforms supports social media bots and they’re more expensive than ConvertoBot.

Where ConvertoBot lacks is in the AI bot department. However online chatbot AI has many flaws.

Here’s a useful discussion about the AI bot and the common chatbot problems associated with ConvertoBot.

If you’re looking for:

  • a simple chatbot conversation flow

  • a platform which supports both website bots and social media bots

  • good training and chatbot examples

…then ConvertoBot’s certainly one of the best bot apps out there.

If you want to understand how to make a chatbot with a high ROI, they have excellent training tools for both beginners and advanced users. They are delivered by co-founder Simon Wood who has an obvious passion for bots. He’s also on the front line providing customers with one-to-one support.

With a free account, you have access to all of their training videos including advanced bot strategies.

This is the key to knowing how to make a chatbot with a high ROI: the quality of the training.

Which is the best chatbot pricing plan: Starter vs Professional vs Business/Agency?

If you’re wondering how much a chatbot cost with ConvertoBot, you need to be clear about your business needs.

Chatbot cost varies significantly between the major bot platforms. ConvertoBot’s one of the cheaper options around (particularly when you consider the range of features available).

Will you be generating hundreds or thousands of conversations through your bots?

In that case, the Professional or Business/Agency chatbot pricing plan is more appropriate. You can top up the number of monthly conversations without needing to upgrade your plan.

Do you need to use ConvertoBot in-house for your own website(s) or social media channels?

In that case, the Starter or Professional chatbot pricing plan is more appropriate.

If you need to service clients then I recommend the ConvertoBot Business/Agency chatbot pricing plan.

You get the entire platform and unlimited sub-user accounts. If you’re just starting out with selling chatbot services to clients, their agency chatbot website template is helpful.

Here’s a list of features that are available with all three of their chatbot pricing plans (Starter, Professional or Business/Agency)

  • Unlimited Bots

  • Chatbot Examples

  • Email Marketing/Automation Integrations

  • Zapier Integration

  • Chatbot Analytics

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Chatbot for appointment booking (or meetings, events, webinars, etc)

If you’re not servicing clients, my recommendation would be the Professional chatbot pricing plan.

It provides you with every feature and integration on this bot platform (other than sub-user accounts).

It also comes with 1,000 conversations/month. There’s an option to top up your monthly conversations at any point.

You can find out more about the bot service pricing on this page here.

You can get started with a free account here.

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