6 Ways to Grow Your Lead Pipeline and Email Lists

6 Ways to Grow Your Lead Pipeline and Email Lists

Think email is dead? Think again. Email may not be as trendy as social media in terms of lead generation and marketing, but the truth is that it’s hard to beat this more traditional method. In fact, not only are there more email users globally than social media users, but email conversion rates are also much higher than they are for social.

Email should be a priority for today’s marketers, but it’s a method that has a few prerequisite requirements in order to make it successful. One of the most important, of course, is having a strong email list. So just how can you build a great lead pipeline?

Here are 6 ways to expand your email list and generate more potential customers:

1. Keep it simple

Perhaps the most obvious method is to simply ask visitors to share their email address and sign up for content. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with this. However, it’s important to remember that sign up forms perform best when they’re kept short and simple. Customers are wary of sharing, so short forms have better conversion rates.

2. Go organic

Rather than asking for information, businesses can also collect this organically through everyday interactions with users. Chatbots are increasingly being used for this purpose as they are able to engage in human-like conversation with users and can not only collect but also collate and analyze data, enabling segmentation and personalization.

3. Introduce lead magnets

Lead magnets are somewhat of a controversial topic. Gated content, for example, can be very hit and miss as non-gated content is important for lead nurturing. However, in providing something with great value, such as a whitepaper or demo, for example, businesses are able to offer content that users are happy to trade their information for.

4. Be responsive

Today, more traffic comes from mobile than desktop. And that’s because we’re busy. We lead hectic lives, and it’s important to keep on top of things while we’re on the go. Users want to have the flexibility to sign up for information from anywhere, at any time, which means that web forms, sign up options, and technologies must be responsive.

5. Integrate social media

There is an increasing trend for businesses to use the ‘Log in with Facebook’ option; a tool which enables users to access a website using their existing social media account. When integrating this feature, businesses can request data from the network, including email address and even friends lists which provides access to adjacent audience pools.

6. Create a dedicated landing page

An inability to grow your email list could be due to something as simple as users not being able to find your sign up form! It’s a good idea to create a dedicated landing page for sign ups, ensuring that it’s quick, easy, and convenient for users to locate the opportunity. Optimize your landing page for greater visibility throughout the SERPs.

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